People, places and things

Every person, every object and every place has a story to tell, something of value to share.

Billions of devices

There are billions of wireless devices joining the Internet of Things annually, and they're all around us, even on our wrists and in our pockets.

Smart Spaces

Our Smart Spaces identify these devices and associate them with their stories so that anyone, or anything, can discover and consume what they have to share.

We tell the right story to the right audience at the right time

Our Smart Spaces create a marketplace for real-time, real-world contextual data on a human scale

How do we do it?

We build novel hardware

We designed a novel wireless sensor network architecture from the ground up based on over a decade of practical experience.

Buy online

We host an open API

Shouldn't surfing the Internet of Things be like surfing the Internet? Searchable and accessible? We think so.

Discover Hyperlocal Context

We work with everyone

Because, fortunately, there are far too many stories, spaces, and applications for any single entity to control the IoT.

Collaborate with us

What makes us unique?

It's your data

You are always in control of what you share, when and where. We don't store data about you or your things. To us, you are just a number. And we're confident that you can appreciate that!

Any device, any space

Whether it's a customer's smartphone interacting with a retail space or an active-RFID-enabled car interacting with a parking space, to us they're all just numbers.

Open source

We believe in an open Internet of Things. We believe in transparency. And we embrace these values with our commitment to both open source software and science.

It just works

Install and forget. Like a utility, simply enjoy the benefits of the service without ever having to think about the technology that's behind it all. That's our job and we reely enjoy it!

How does this apply to me?

Find out!