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Deloitte Greenhouses (since 2013)

Deloitte Greenhouses are cutting-edge physical spaces located around the world designed to help clients tackle their complex problems. Three locations in Canada and the US distribute our "smart badges" to their guests and staff so that they are identified throughout the physical space. Participants profiles are displayed, based on physical presence, on touchscreens. This facilitates social discovery and interaction and creates a highly memorable experience.

Notman House (since 2012)

Our original public deployment, reelyActive sensor infrastructure in Notman House detected the presence of participants via our active RFID tags and displayed their profiles on flatscreens. Today, participation is as simple as running a mobile application. Anonymous traffic analytics are also collected, enabling quantified occupation insights. Visit

reelyActive's platform has been an amazing catalyst for encouraging real life connections at Notman House.

— Gabriel Sundaram, Interim GM

Championing the Coworker

Learn how our coworking experience in an accelerator in 2012 shaped our vision and platform.

Coworking Case Studies


Maximise serendipity and a sense of community while better understanding your membership..

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