Our contributions to science

We have published key elements of our technology so that they may contribute indefinitely to an open, connected world.

Towards a ubiquitous, real-time machine-contextual-awareness based on active RFID and semantic web technologies (POSTER)
Jeffrey Dungen, George Koulouris, Imran Zaidi, Juan Pinazo Neto
10th IEEE International Conference on RFID
Orlando, FL. May 3-5, 2016.
Low-Power Wireless Advertising Software Library for Distributed M2M and Contextual IoT   |   (PDF)
Mohamed Imran Jameel, Jeffrey Dungen
2nd IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things (WF-IoT)
Milan, Italy. December 16, 2015.
Towards a Simple, Versatile, Distributed Low-Power Wireless M2M Infrastructure
Jeffrey Dungen, Traian Antonescu, Pier-Olivier Genest.
1st IEEE Workshop on Machine to Machine Communications Interfaces and Platforms (M2MCIP)
Sydney, Australia. October 24, 2013.
Demonstration of a Simple, Versatile, Distributed Low-Power Wireless M2M Infrastructure
Pier-Olivier Genest, Jeffrey Dungen.
38th IEEE Conference on Local Computer Networks (LCN)
Sydney, Australia. October 22, 2013.
Hyperlocal Context to Facilitate an Internet of Things Understanding of the World
Jeffrey Dungen, Pier-Olivier Genest.
International Workshop on Identification, Information and Knowledge in the Internet of Things (IIKI)
Beijing, China. October 18-20, 2013.

We put theory into practice.

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