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​MTL Innovante: Internet des Objets [14:14 - 20:38] (FR)
Catherine Mathys, Canal Savoir, September 28, 2016
reelyActive represents Canada at Silicon Valley's Plug and Play Demo Day
Gabrielle Drouin, Betakit, September 20, 2016
​Les 5 start-ups Infopresse sont dévoilées (FR)
Infopresse, September 13, 2016
Sniffing Bluetooth Devices with a Raspberry Pi
Brian Benchoff, Hackaday, August 1, 2016
Pareto allows physical store owners to connect the dots
Joseph Czikk, MTL in Tech, May 5, 2016
Startup reelyActive launches Bluetooth-enabled customer-tracking service
Beth Bacheldor, RFID Journal, April 28, 2016
Une journée en 2035: la vie au temps de l'internet des objets (FR)
Mathias Marchal, Journal Métro, November 19, 2015
Un énorme potentiel (l'Internet des objets) (FR)   |   PDF
Jeffrey Dungen & Philippe Marty, Le Détaillant, automne, 2015
reelyActive, l'Internet des objets à votre portée (FR)
PLAN, Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec, mars-avril, 2015
Finalist | reelyActive (Canada) - Smart Spaces   |   Smarte Räume (DE)
Dirk Baranek, CODE_n, February 19, 2015
Lavasoft CEO Lists 5 Montreal Startups to Watch
Daniel Assouline, Tech Cocktail, November 22, 2014
reelyActive, connecter avec des objets intelligents (FR)
Marine Thomas, Inspiro, July 22, 2014
Canadian Startup ReelyActive Leveraging the Internet of Things to Create 'Smart Spaces'
Roger Huang, Techvibes, June 20, 2014
Defining the Internet of Things in One Line
Roger Huang, code(love), February 21, 2014
Connecting the Physical and Digital Worlds
BizSpark Featured Startup, January 30, 2014
iBeacon: How much privacy would you give up for a coupon?   |   (Podcast)
Dan Misener, CBC, December 10th, 2013
reelyActive à la conquête des ondes planétaires (FR)
Sigrid Ellefsen, Génération inc., December 6th, 2013
Microsoft's The BizSpark Show with Jeffrey Dungen, CEO, reelyActive
Douglas Crets, The BizSpark Show, December 2nd, 2013
Best startup in the world reelyActive rides the hype bandwagon
Joseph Czikk, BetaKit, November 29th, 2013
Becoming the World's Best Startup
Suzanne Grant, Pivot Magazine, November 26th, 2013
Montreal's reelyActive wins global startup competition, named 'world's best startup.'
Startup World, Venture Beat, November 9th, 2013
Montreal's reelyActive Wins Startup World Competition | Becomes 'World's Best Startup'
Sam Wakoba, TechZulu, November 9th, 2013
iBeacon: Your New Real-Time Location-Based Marketing Friend
Say Daily, October 15th, 2013
Is Canada experiencing a renaissance for hardware startups?
Joseph Czikk, BetaKit, October 10th, 2013
The next big frontier for the smart home? Presence.
Stacey Higginbotham, GigaOM, October 4th, 2013
Loophole in iBeacon could let iPhones guard your likes instead of bombard you with coupons
Stacey Higginbotham, GigaOM, September 17th, 2013
Forrester's top 15 emerging technologies
John Koetsier, Venture Beat, February 7th, 2013
2013 will be the year of 'the Internet of things' as more than 5B wireless chips ship
John Koetsier, Venture Beat, December 21st, 2012
L'Internet des objets, la nouvelle frontière de la connectivité (FR)
Julien Brault, Les Affaires, December 15th, 2012
Bel avenir pour les objets connectés (FR)
Nathalie Collard, La Presse, December 10th, 2012
reelyActive wants to create the Internet of Things for the little guy
John Koetsier, Venture Beat, November 8th, 2012

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reelyActive Unveils Sniffypedia, Openly Connects IoT and Semantic Web
August 29, 2016
reelyActive Launches Pareto Platform
April 27, 2016

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