We make Smart Spaces

Walking into a physical space and clicking on a web page have become one and the same. Our technology platform enables you to harness that potential and optimise what matters in your space.

Whether you're a business, a brand or an individual, our mission is to unlock the value of the data you choose to share.

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Smart Space Sensor

Our sensors

A Smart Space needs hardware. Lucky for you, we build it. Our plug-and-play reelceiver devices are the friendliest means of deploying a Smart Space infrastructure that can detect, locate and connect billions of low-power wireless devices. You might say: one thing to reel them all.

Smart Space Sensor
Smart Space Software

Our software

Our open source software interprets what's happening in your Smart Space, in real time. Use it to develop your own contextual web and mobile applications. We also provide plenty of free applications, including the interactive bubbles shown here. And for the connoisseurs, our MIT license is sure to give you a few ideas.

Our service

Do you delight in the idea of developing your own IoT cloud platform? Do you dream of deploying and managing your own distributed sensor network? Do you decrypt Bluetooth packets for fun?   No?   Good. Because we do! And we make it our business to take care of everything for you.

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    More questions?

    We've been making Smart Spaces for a while now so there aren't a lot of questions we can't answer. Here are the most frequently asked ones.

    What data can Smart Spaces collect from my device?

    Any detected device can be anonymously identified. In some cases, the make or the model of the device is explicitly shared in the information it transmits. Some sensors may also openly share data. Personal data can only be shared through explicit opt-in, for instance via reelyApp.

    What Bluetooth devices can be detected?

    Most of the latest generation Bluetooth devices, labelled as Bluetooth Smart, Bluetooth 4.x or simply BLE, can be detected. These include smartphones, wearables and sensors. Sniffypedia provides a non-exhaustive list. Proprietary Active RFID devices can be detected too.

    What is the detection range?

    Smart Spaces function at a human scale. Typical detection range is on the order of tens of meters and is largely dependent on clutter in the environment. One sensor per room, or every ten meters in open environments, generally provides good coverage.

    What do you mean by "Point of Interest"?

    Each sensor represents a POI, or Point of Interest. That POI may be an entire room, or the immediate surroundings of an object such as a work of art or advertisement poster. By strategically positioning our sensors, it's easy to create meaningful POIs.

    Can a Smart Space be outdoors?

    We're based in Montréal, a city which experiences weather extremes at both ends of the spectrum. And if we need to handle that, so should our reelceivers: we've designed them to handle it all. Simply house them in weatherproof enclosures and connect them using outdoor-rated cable.

    How do you handle the whole privacy issue?

    We don't want your personal data. We definitely don't want it on our servers. Our business is around real-time anonymous micro-location data and our privacy policy reflects that. Third-party applications built on our platform are free to take a different approach, and we encourage you to ask them the same question.

    Why are the reelceivers wired?

    Our reelceivers benefit from a wired power and network connection. This means no batteries to change/recharge and no communications problems to debug. You can also daisy chain multiple reelceivers using network cables (Cat5e) that are among the most cost-effective to install.

    How do the reelceivers connect to the Internet?

    A reel, or daisy-chain of reelceivers, connects to the Internet via a hub which provides power and network connectivity. There are simple, inexpensive hubs that provide connectivity via USB all the way to enterprise-grade hubs that run our entire software stack. You can build your own if you like!

    Don't iBeacons and Eddystone already do this?

    Not really. The main difference is that our reelceivers are connected to the Internet in real-time and continuously listen for devices in range. They enable the space itself to be smart rather than just enable the already-smart devices within the space to become smarter.

    Why is the software open source?

    In short, we believe in an open Internet of Things. Our business is in providing our Platform-as-a-Service so that our clients can focus on their core competencies rather than IoT/RTLS hardware and software technologies. Being open source keeps us as competitive as we can be!

    Who buys this stuff?

    Retailers, coworking spaces, and anyone looking to measure and optimise their business in a physical space. Our Pareto platform makes it simple for anyone to get started. For large, custom deployments, we typically work within a partner ecosystem to ensure all our customer's diverse needs are met.

    So, can I, like, get the reelceivers in, like, pink?

    Like yeah, totally! We've designed everything to be modular and we're happy to help you with customization. In some cases we can take care of everything for a fee, or you can do-it-yourself with our guidance. It's like, totally awesome!

    Why choose reelyActive?

    We founded reelyActive in 2012 with over twenty years combined domain experience. We've shipped product since day one. Our novel platform is solving the problems of tomorrow's Internet of Things today.

    A bit of bragging

    In 2013 we won the title "World's Best Startup". We then connected the trophy to the IoT. Seriously.

    Our story

    Clients of all kinds

    Fortune 100 clients such as Deloitte love our bubbles. Sensational startups such as Localz love our cutting-edge sensors.

    Unequivocally unique

    Cunningly connected, boldly beyond beacons, and abusively allocated alliterations.

    Our differentiation